Linux on ASUS T100ta.

Linux on ASUS T100ta.

Linux on ASUS T100ta.


I am trying to install Linux on ASUS T100ta. As my profile reads, I am a Debian user.

1. Debian 64 bit: (jessie) USB stick was not recognized.

2. Ubuntu 64 bit: somebody else installed. But for me, installer chokes.

3. Ubuntu (14.10) 32 bit: I followed this thread. With USB wifi stick, installation went well. But sound does not work. Built in wifi works (after firmware update), but unstable. Battery monitor does not show at all.

3.1 sound, after installing firmware alsactl –file path/to/file/T100_B.state restore
(read this thread) But left sound comes from right, right from left.

3.2 Battery monitor: Upgrading to 15.4 solved this problem.

3.3 wifi. After upgrading 15.4, situation went worse.
Problem is "brcmfmac: brcmf_add_if: ERROR: netdev:wlan0 already exists "
This thread shows the solution. (echo on > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/sdhci-acpi/INT33BB:00/power/control ) But I was unable to change status to on (from auto). Even "sudo" I got a "permission error"

I am still working on. I will update.


Linux on ASUS T100ta.